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Pac Food is thrilled to announce the launch of our new sustainable food packaging in Australia, EKO PAK.

We’ve been developing game-changing food packaging supplies for 12 years and decided 2020 was our year to start something new and significant.

Over the years we’ve strived to create environmentally-friendly products wherever possible. When we are needing to keep food fresher and longer, in terms of extending food shelf life, it isn’t yet possible or economically feasible to work with biodegradable options.                                                                        

So to add to existing range, we decided to introduce a range of 100% natural and sustainable food packaging solutions which help hospitality businesses reduce their environmental footprint and help build goodwill and customer loyalty.  

Aside from the many enquiries we receive from people asking for environmentally-friendly packaging, we also felt it was time to give back to the planet and pave a greener road ahead for the younger generation!

EKO PAK Products

EKO PAK’s new range is perfect for cafes and restaurants seeking high quality, sturdy takeaway and delivery options that can be used for soups, salads, burgers, pasta and more!

Our new environmentally friendly food packaging solutions are made from bagasse – a by-product of sugarcane. This makes them completely sustainable and natural.

Our Range Includes:

  • Round bowls in 800ml, 1000ml and 1200ml. Perfect for stir-fries, soups, noodles and salads.
    • Square bowls in 700ml, 900ml, 1100ml and 1300ml. Perfect for pasta, paella, salads and soups.
    • Rectangle Trays in 750ml and 1000ml. Perfect for burritos, hot dogs, gyoza and more!
    • Clamshells come in small, medium and extra-large sizes in 1, 2 and 3 compartments. They are great for fish & chips, nachos, toasties and burgers.

Why Choose EKO PAK?

Our ethos is, ‘YOU HAVE THE POWER TODAY, TO CHANGE TOMORROW’. And customers who choose EKO PAK can be confident knowing they are doing their bit for the environment, too!

By purchasing our EKO PAK range, you can be assured you’re getting the highest quality products for the best prices, backed by Pac Food’s solid reputation and exceptional customer service. Check out our 5* Reviews – they speak for themselves.

We’ve been leaders in the Australian food packaging industry for over a decade, and we are thrilled to share this range that we know will satisfy the appetite of planet conscious hospitality businesses and their customers.

Environmentally-Friendly Food Packaging

Available in four categories – Round and Square Bowls, Rectangle Trays and Clamshells. The range has various sizes and comes with a lid option to suit all sizes.

Browse our sustainable food packaging products here at our super easy online ordering website, or learn more about the differences between biodegradable and compostable here. 

Eco-friendly Packaging Australia

Pac Food offers exceptional customer service and affordable delivery for our clients all around the country, something that will continue with our EKO PAK range.

Reach out to our friendly team now and make the switch to sustainable food packaging today.

Eko Pak Email Logo

EKO PAK is a range of environmentally-friendly food packaging solutions, developed by Pac Food.

Our exciting EKO PAK products are made from sugarcane pulp and are certified compostable. They are also sturdy, stackable, unbranded and affordable – which makes them ideal for food delivery services, food trucks, stadiums, festivals and all businesses which offer takeaway food.

Pac Food is an Australian food packaging company with an outstanding reputation for the best service and quality every time. Our Eko Pak range has an enticing unique shipping incentive.

Start shopping and discover our 3 box free shipping to many destinations and our sponsored rural shipping. Get in touch with us now by calling 1800 823 200 or send us an online enquiry here and do your part for the planet!

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