Why Eko?

Our trays are compostable. What does that mean exactly?


Eko friendly packaging

by definition Eko Pak’s range of products can be easily recycled, is safe for the environment and people and is made out of recycled resins. It has minimal impact on energy usage and natural resources. Because eko-friendly products are made of recycled materials, they are often not food safe. You need “virgin materials” as resins to reach food safety.

Compostable packaging breaks down and returns to nature, a short time after going to waste, normally within 1 year.

prawn and salad burger in clamshell

Compostable packaging

is identical to biodegradable packaging, but it has an extra feature. Not only does it break down within 45-60 days, it also creates compost which is full of nutrients and very good for plants and earth. Compostable is biodegradable with a nature friendly bonus!

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The place for plastic packaging

is not in the environment. Unfortunately, in some applications (such as food needing shelf life), plastic cannot be made compostable. Barrier plastics are still needed to keep food longer and fresher and it’s economically not feasible (yet) to work with compostable barrier plastics. But where possible, we should keep plastic where it should be, in the circular economy where it can be used again and again, recycled or even used as compost, such as our Eko Pak trays.

EKO PAK Products

are certified by internationally recognised institutions


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